Antoine Rose


Antoine Rose


Shows at Mazel Galerie

Antoine Rose
September 19th, 2019 to October 27th, 2019
Antoine Rose
September 15th, 2018 to October 14th, 2018
Group Show
Mauro Corda -
Vincent Corpet -
Julian Mayor -
NOIR artist -
Antoine Rose -
Yeo Siak Goon -
Vuk Vidor -
Pascal Vilcollet
July 8th, 2018 to August 26th, 2018
NOIR artist -
Antoine Rose
August 25th, 2017 to October 19th, 2017
Group Show
François Boisrond -
Carine Brancowitz -
Mauro Corda -
C215 -
Quentin Garel -
Hubert le Gall -
NOIR artist -
Laurina Paperina -
Stéphane Pencréac'h -
Antoine Rose -
Benjamin SPaRK -
Pascal Vilcollet
June 10th, 2017 to September 10th, 2017
Group Show
Damien Gernay -
Meta-Morphosis -
NOIR artist -
Antoine Rose -
Johan Van Mullem
February 12th, 2016 to April 9th, 2016
Group Show
Vincent Corpet -
Hervé di Rosa -
Maike Freess -
Hubert le Gall -
Damien Gernay -
Peter Keene -
NOIR artist -
Stéphane Pencréac'h -
Antoine Rose -
Lionel Sabatté -
Son Seock -
Vuk Vidor -
Davor Vrankic
November 13th, 2015 to February 6th, 2016
Antoine Rose
February 6th, 2015 to April 11th, 2015
Group Show
Jimmy de Bock -
Raphaël Charles -
Antoine Rose -
Benjamin SPaRK
February 21st, 2014 to April 12th, 2014


Born in 1974.
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. 

Recent Exhibitions (selected)

2012 Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Up in the Air, NY, USA.
Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, Fotofever Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium.
Affordable Art Fair NYC, NY, USA.
Art Hamptons, NY, USA.

2013 Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, Fotofever Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Scope Fair Miami, Miami, USA.
Bruno Gallery, AAF Singapour, Singapore
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turquey.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Vision of the World, NY, USA.
Galerie Xinart, Group Show, Ars en ré, France.
Galerie Envie d’art, Group Show, Paris, France.

2014 Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Up in the air, NY, USA.
Samuel Owen Gallery, Up in the air Miami, Greenwich, USA.
Mazel Galerie, Group Show, Made in Brussels, Brussels, Belgium.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Art Hamptons, NY, USA.
Mazel Galerie, St'Art Art Fair, Strasbourg, France. 

2015 Mazel Galerie, Insectarium, Brussels, Belgium.
Mazel Galerie, MIA Art Fair, Milano, Italy.
French Art Studio, Micromegas, London, England.
BMW Brand Store, Art & Design Session #5, Brussels, Belgium.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Air Night, NY, USA.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.
Mazel Galerie, ART.FAIR, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany.
Mazel Galerie, Blackout, Brussels, Belgium.
Mazel Galerie, St.Art Art Fair, Strasbourg, France.

2016 Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, Up in the air, Knokke, Belgium.
Mazel Galerie, Créations belges, Brussels, Belgium.
Mazel Galerie, MIA Photo Fair, Milano, Italy.
3A The Excellence of art, Summer Show, Mauritius.
Samuel Owen Gallery, Nantucket, USA.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Art Hamptons, USA.
French Art Studio, Rewind, London, England.
Bel Air Fineart, Gstaad, Switzerland. 
Bel Air Fineart, Group Show, Saint-Tropez, France.
Mazel Galerie, ART.FAIR, Koelnmesse, Koln, Germany.
Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, Photo Shangai, Shangai, China.
Mazel Galerie, St-Art Art Fair, Strasbourg, France. 
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Scope Miami, Miami, USA..

2017 Hotel White, LVMH exhibition, Courchevel, France.
Maison de la photographie, Rétrospective, Lille, France.
Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, Figurative abstraction, Knokke, Belgium.
Bel Air Fineart, Venice Art Biennale, Venise, Italy.
Mazel Galerie, From Belgium with Love, Singapore.
3A The Excellence of Art, Mauritius.
Xin art Gallery, Fotofever, Paris, France.
French art studio, Off the ground, London, England.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, NY, USA.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Scope Miami art fair, Miami, U.S.A.
Mazel Galerie, St-art Strasbourg art fair, Strasbourg, France. 

2018 Mazel Galerie, Art Stage, Singapore.
Bel Air Fineart, Lille Art Up, Lille, France.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Palm Beach Art, USA.
Bel Air Fine Arts, Mia Photo Fair, Milano, Italy.
Bel-Air New Bond Street, Group Show, London, England.
Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, Cosmoscow, Moscow, Russia.
Mazel Galerie, Art Expo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Bel Air Fine Arts, Art Elysées, Paris, France.
Mazel Galerie, Oeuvres récentes, Brussels, Belgium.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Art Miami, Miami, USA.

2019 Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Palm Beach Art, Palm Beach, USA.
La Maison de la Photographie, Lille Art Up, Lille, France.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Art Hamptons, Hamptons, USA.
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Seatle Art Fair, Seatle, USA.
Mazel Galerie, Another view , Singapour.
Mazel Galerie, Luxembourg Art Week, Luxembourg.
Mazel Galerie, St-art Strasbourg art fair, Strasbourg, France. 

2020 Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Long Weekend, New York, USA.
Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, Photo LA Virtual Collect + Connect, Los Angeles, USA.

2022 Mazel Galerie, MIA Photo Fair, Milano, Italy.

Public collection and others

MAD Museum of Art and Design, NY, USA.
Silvercup Studio, NY, USA.
Crowell & Morings, NY, USA.
TIffany & Co, USA.
Hermes, Luxembourg.
Winton Capital, UK.
LVMH Paris, France.
Winton capital, London, UK.
Ta associates, London, UK.
Beachcomber, Mauritius