Maxence Doré


Maxence Doré

Shows at Mazel Galerie

Group Show
Maxence Doré -
Murmure -
Gabriela Noelle -
March 22nd, 2024 to May 25th, 2024
Maxence Doré -
Erik Minter
February 10th, 2023 to April 1st, 2023


Born in 1990 at Croissy-sur-Seine, France
Lives and works in Paris area.

Graduate of the School of Architecture and Landscape, Maxence Doré mixes analytical drawing and the practice of graffiti and asserts an accomplished, fine and colorful aesthetic.
Like a real landscape that we look at with delight because it is always changing but brings us so much peace, Maxence Doré’s work is a search for the beauty of life in opposition to the omnipre- sent pollution and the destruction of our planet. 

Solo shows 


2016 Gallery l’Inattendue, Vue d’en haut, Paris, France.

2018 Zinitang, Temps Perdu, Guangzhou, China.
Vanities Gallery, Lignes de Vie, Paris, France.

2019 Vanities Gallery, Folie Pétrolière, Paris, France.

2020 Espace Oxöne, Voyage sur Ortega, Paris, France.
Espace Oxöne, Frontières, Paris, France.

2021 Espace Oxone, Au Rythme Du Temps, Paris, France.

2022 Gallery Bhak, The Rythme of Time, Séoul, South Korea.
Gallery Deux6, Crépuscule, Paris, France. 

2023 Hoang Beli, Medullis, Paris, France.
P(Art)age, Medullis, Lyon, France.


Group Shows 

2016 Salon des Arts, Montesson, France.

2017 Galerie L’Inattendue, Retrospective, Paris, France.
Salon des Arts, Montesson, France.
Gallery Camille Bürgi, Paris, France.

2018 6th Triennial of Guanghzou, Guanghzou, China.
Chapelle Saint Léonard, Croissy sur Seine, France.
Galerie Joseph, Paris, France.

2019 Maacasso MANI, Paris, France.
152 Writers Gallery, Carrières sur Seine, France.

2020 Cardy Gallery, Londres, Angleterre.
152 Whriterz Gallery, Paris, France.

2022 ArtBorescence, Paris, France
Lotte Art Fair, Busan, South Korea.
Artshortlist, Paris, France. 

2023 Mazel Galerie, A(bs)ttraction, Brussels, Belgium.

2024 Mazel Galerie, 4 Seasons, Brussels, Belgium.