We are glad to announce our new collaboration with the french painter Etienne Cail as a guest artist. We will show his artworks soon at the upper floor of the gallery and during ST.Art Art fair in november.

(photo credits : © Josephine de Rohan-Chabot)

The cabinet Jean Bonna reveal from may 4th to July 15th some new drawings by french artist François Boisrond, teacher at Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris since 1999.

We are glad to collaborate with the french painter Gaël Davrinche as a guest artist. We will show soon his artworks in our showroom at the upper floor of the gallery.

Since April 15th the young belgian artist NOIR is exhibited in the lobby of Sofitel Le Louise.

A selection of 5 large drawings, includind "les yeux du silence" are shown in the hotel, located in the center of Toison d'or area.

Pour le 50ème anniversaire du fameux album à la banane, la Philharmonie de Paris dédie une exposition immersive, impressionniste et multimédia proposant une plongée dans l’univers du Velvet Underground.

Pour la première fois dans les Galeries d’Anatomie Comparée et de Paléontologie du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, le sculpteur Quentin Garel présente douze œuvres aux proportions et aux matériaux inattendus ; un clin d’œil contemporain à la sculpture animalière classique.

We just received two new paintings from our french artist Lionel Sabatté, there are currently shown at the upper floor of the gallery, our showroom.

We are glad to collaborate with the franco-italian sculptor Mauro Corda as a guest artist.

His sculptures are currently shown in our display windows and at the upper floor of the gallery, the showroom. We schedule a solo show in June with his very last work "chimeras".

The belgian artist Antoine Rose made a new photograph still from an aerial photoshooting but during one of the most famous electro music festival : TomorrowLand

Last week-end, Lucien Gilson known as "NOIR" made a live painting performance commisionned by Sony Music Belgium to depict David Bowie for his new release "BlackStar".