We are glad to announce our new collaboration with the belgian street artist BlancBec as a guest artist.

The bird and the artist are call "BlancBec", name choose for the newness of the artist (BlancBec is commonly use in french for new recruit) and the design of the bird.

The new creations of Hubert le Gall are available.

"Kiwi" and "Odette" lamps had been made in bronze as the table "nenuphar" with its new titanium varnish. It will be shown in September in our gallery Rue Capitaine Crespel.

The artist continue his zoomorphic and vegetal design.

Lionel Sabatté exhibit at Musée Joseph-Denais at Beaufort-en-vallée from June 24th to 5th November.

From an organic and poetic work, he offers paintings and sculptures with unusual material. He works the obsolete, the banal, the insignificant to magnify it.

We are glad to announce our new collaboration with the franco-iranian artist Sépand Danesh as a guest artist.

During the Venice Biennale, Quentin Garel show his sculptures and drawings at Palazzo Tiepolo Passi for exhibiton "Beauty and the beast" with Judi Harvest.

Christian Guemy alias C 215 is part of exhibition "Street Generation(s) 40 ans d'art urbain" at la Condition Publique.

It is the first large retrospective exhibition devoted to Street art in France and currated by Magda Danysz.

Since few days we have 3 new artworks available from our belgian photographer Antoine Rose.

Those photographs illustrate perfectly the 3 series of the artists : the beach, the city and winter.

We will show the artwork "White" for the first time during MIA photo fair Milano.

C215 have a new solo exhibition in Nice, at National Museum of Sport called "Atlèthes" were it show more of 75 new portraits.

We participate for the 2nd time to BILY - Brussels I Love You Art Walk with our two new solo exhibitions devoted to Etienne Cail & NOIR.

A new bronze sculpture by french artist Quentin Garel is available at the gallery.

" Mask of Gorilla V " is aligned with the bestiary of the sculptor and complete his group of apes artworks.