Shows at Mazel Galerie

Group Show
Bordalo II -
Flog -
Murmure -
Gabriela Noelle -
Laurina Paperina -
Austyn Taylor
Takeru Amano -
Shun Okada -
Daijiro Hama -
Mayumi Nakao -
Fantasista Utamaro -
Samy San
September 20th, 2024 to October 26th, 2024
Group Show
Bordalo II -
Brusk -
Douglas de Castro -
Alfred Cheng -
C215 -
Flog -
Kurar -
Levalet -
Murmure -
Pantonio -
Cleon Peterson -
Austyn Taylor -
Martin Whatson
May 31st, 2024 to July 20th, 2024


Born in Cholet, France in 1984.

Lives and works in France.



Solo shows (recents)


2022 GCA Gallery, Human of Glass, Paris, France.

2023 Exclusive Urban Art Gallery, Child's heart, Roma, Italy.
Vertical Gallery, Scope Art Fair - Rewind, Miami, USA.

2024 Vins Gallery, On cloud nine, Taipei, Taiwan.


Group shows (recents)


2022 GCA Gallery, District 13 Art Fair, Paris, France.
Vertical Gallery, Nine, Chicago, USA.
Exclusive Urban Art Gallery, Urban animals, Roma, Italy.
GCA Gallery, District 13 Art Fair, Paris, France.
Vertical Gallery, Atomic number 13, Chicago, USA.

2023 Vins Gallery, Colors is Life, Taipei, Taiwan.

2024 Mazel Galerie, Urban Art Fair, Paris, France.
Vertical Gallery, 11 year anniversary show, Chicago, USA.
Hawley Projects, Vision.S, Margate, England
Mazel Galerie, Territoires, Brussels, Belgium.