Martin Whatson


Martin Whatson

Shows at Mazel Galerie

Group Show
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Brusk -
Douglas de Castro -
Alfred Cheng -
C215 -
Flog -
Kurar -
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Martin Whatson
May 31st, 2024 to July 20th, 2024
Group Show
C215 -
Gris1 -
Stom500 -
Martin Whatson
April 9th, 2022 to May 7th, 2022
Martin Whatson
October 22nd, 2021 to November 13th, 2021
Group Show
Brusk -
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C215 -
Maike Freess -
Gris1 -
Logan Hicks -
Levalet -
Stéphane Pencréac'h -
Martin Whatson
March 19th, 2021 to April 17th, 2021
Martin Whatson
December 11th, 2020 to January 30th, 2021
Group Show
C215 -
Hubert le Gall -
Quentin Garel -
Logan Hicks -
Stan Manoukian -
Till Rabus -
Samina -
Martin Whatson
January 7th, 2020 to February 1st, 2020
Group Show
C215 -
Logan Hicks -
Samina -
Softtwix -
Stom500 -
Martin Whatson
September 14th, 2019 to November 17th, 2019
Group Show
C215 -
Fidia Falaschetti -
Ill -
Levalet -
NOIR artist -
Laurina Paperina -
Samina -
Martin Whatson
November 24th, 2018 to February 10th, 2019


Born in 1984, in Norway.

Lives and works in Norway.

Martin Whatson is best known for his calligraphic scribbles in grayscale voids. Over the past decade, Martin has developed an unmistakable aesthetic combining abstract movement with figurative stencilled compositions. His works can be seen to mirror the rise and fall of the streets, as he symbolically recreates the urban environment, then vandalises it to reveal his vibrant transformations.

Solo shows

2011 Black Pop Gallery, What I have done ?, Copenhague, Denmark.
Gallery Kawamatsu, Love Tour, Tokyo, Japan.

2013 Gallery Kawamatsu, Transformed, Tokyo, Japan.
Reed Projects Gallery, Undercover, Stavanger, Norway.
MSA Gallery, The beauty of grey, Paris, France.

2014 Rex Romae, Hide & Seek, London, England.
Nationalteateret, Nationalteateret, Oslo, Norway.
Galleri-A, Square, Oslo, Norway.

2015 Galleri-A, Old News, Oslo, Norway.
Blackbook Gallery, About Face, Denver, USA.

2016 Modus Art Gallery, Affinity, Paris, France.

2017 Rex Romae Gallery popup, Revive, Los-Angeles, USA.

2018 The Edge Hotel, The Arctic tour, Tromsø, Norway.
Galleri Svalbard, The Arctic tour, Svalbard,
Bådin Brewry, The Arctic tour, Bodø, Norway.
Cho Why, SOS, Bangkok, Thailand.

2020 Rex Romae, Free, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mazel Galerie, Butterflies Collection, Brussels, Belgium.

2021 Mazel Galerie, Second hand, Brussels, Belgium.


Group shows 

2006 The goodfoot, Vinyl killers #6, Detroit, USA.

2007 Shed 4, Urban art agenda #1, Melbourne, Australia.

2008 Opus underground, Merry crunchmas, Manchester, England.
Carmichael Gallery, Inside/outiside, Los Angeles, USA.
End Bar, The end is night, Newcastle, England.
Galleri-A, A-Laget utvalg 08, Summer, Oslo, Norway.
J-Studios, Melbourne Stencil Festival, Melbourne, Australia.

2009  Galleri-A , A-Laget utvalg 09, Winter, Oslo, Norway.
Dreams & Nightmares, Vancouver, Canada.
Galleri-A, A-Laget utvalg 09, Summer, Oslo, Norway.

2010 Gallery North Gate, Punk's not Dead, Tokyo, Japan.
Galleri-A, A-Laget utvalg 10, Winter, Oslo, Norway.
Mattia Benefit, Naples, Italy.
Strike the street, Rome, Italy.
Galleri-A, A-Laget utvalg 10, Summer, Oslo, Norway.
Totally, Pretty Dirty, Tokyo, Japan. 

2011 Black Pop Gallery, Defiate the hype, Copenhague, Denmark.
Galleri-A, A-Laget utvalg 11, Summer, Oslo, Norway.
Gallery Kawamatsu, ULTRA 004 artfair, Tokyo, Japan.
Scandic Vulcan, Young Art, Oslo, Norway.
Blomqvist, T&J artwalk, Oslo, Norway.
Galleri-A, A-Laget utvalg 11, Summer, Oslo, Norway. 

2012 Galleri-A, A-Laget utvalg 12, WinterOslo, Norway.
Galleri-A, A-Laget utvalg 12, Summer, Oslo, Norway.
Galleri-A, Match Point, Oslo, Norway.
Bergen Kjøtt, Street Smart, Bergen, Norway.

2013 Galleri Bi-Z, Juleutstilling 2013Kristiansand, Norway.
Reedprojects gallery, Buy, Work, Consume, Die, Stavanger, Norway.
Galleri-A, A-Laget utvalg 13, Winter, Oslo, Norway.
Bottleneck Gallery, Home Sweet Home, New York, USA.
Riviera 31, LA Contreband, Los Angeles, USA.
Galleri GEO, About Time, Bergen, Norway.
Blankspace, The dirty art, Oslo, Norway.
Souled out Studios bunker, Moniker art fair, London, England.
Shop 13, True Colors, London, England.
Galleri-A, A-Laget 10th anniversary, Oslo, Norway.
Oslofjorden Kunstsenter, Bybildet: RedefinertDrøbak, Norway.
Reedprojects Gallery, Stencil art Norway, Stavanger, Norway.

2014 Blackbook Gallery, Scope ArtfairMiami, USA.
Vertical Gallery, ARTmageddon, Chicago, USA.
Riviera 31, LA Contraband 2, Los Angeles, USA.
Starkart Exhibitions, Stencil bastards 3, Zurich, Switzerland.
Bottleneck Gallery, Different Strokes, New York, USA.
Galleri-A, A-Laget utvalg 14, Summer, Oslo, Norway.
Blackbook Gallery, SCOPE Art Fair, New York, USA.
C.A.V.E. Gallery, SCOPE Art FairNew York, USA. 

2015 Blackbook Gallery, Context ArtFairMiami, USA.
Reed Projects Gallery, HOMEStavanger, Norway.
Reedprojects Gallery, Outsiders in, Stavanger, Norway.
aMBUSH Gallery, Your kids can't do this, Sydney, Australia.
Graffitiprints, I LOVE Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan.
Hin Bus depot, Different Strokes, Penang, Malaysia.
Vertical Gallery, 2 for 2, Chicago, USA. 

2017 Blackbook Gallery, Context ArtFairMiami, USA.
Urban Nation, UnstoppableBerlin, Germany.
Galleri Bi-Z, Print retrospectiveKristiansand, Norway.
MESA contemporary art Museum, FluorishMesa, USA.

2018 Nordic Museum Seattle, Northern exposure, Seattle, USA.
Galleri-A, CO, Oslo, Norway.
Galleri Kollekt, Kollekt & Kuntsveggen, Oslo, Norway.
Nextstreet gallery, Art Elysées, Paris, France
Blackbook gallery, Context art fair, Miami, USA
Mazel Galerie, From the streets..., Brussels, Belgium.

2019 Mazel Galerie, Beyond the streets, Brussels, Belgium.​
Mazel Galerie, District 13, Paris, France.​
Galleri Kollekt, Duo with Henrik Kleppe, Oslo, Norway.
Basement Ginza - Streetartnews, Ikigai, Tokyo, Japan. 

2020 Vertical Gallery, Miami in Chicago, Chicago, USA.

2021 Mazel Galerie, Break that wall, Brussels, Belgium.
Mazel Galerie, Urban Art Fair, Paris, France

2022 Mazel Galerie, District 13 Art Fair, Paris, France.​
Mazel Galerie, UVNT Art Fair, Madrid, Spain.
Mazel Galerie, Urban Art Fair, Paris, France.
Mazel Galerie, District 13 Art Fair (September), Paris, France.

2024 Mazel Galerie, Urban Art Fair, Paris, France.
Hawley Projects, Vision.S, Margate, England.
Mazel Galerie, Territoires, Brussels, Belgium.