Stan Manoukian


Stan Manoukian

Shows at Mazel Galerie

Group Show
Boris Anje (Anjel) -
Brusk -
Jana&JS -
Levalet -
Stan Manoukian -
Laurina Paperina
June 10th, 2022 to August 27th, 2022
Group Show
C215 -
Hubert le Gall -
Quentin Garel -
Logan Hicks -
Stan Manoukian -
Till Rabus -
Samina -
Martin Whatson
January 7th, 2020 to February 1st, 2020


Born in France in 1969.

Lives and works in Paris, France.

Recent exhibitons (selection)

2012 Stranger Factory, Winter Salon, Albuquerque, USA.

2013 Last Rites Gallery, Zombie Show, New-York, USA.
Takayama Museum, Monsters & Misfits III, Takayama, Japan.
Stranger Factory, Bewitching III, Albuquerque, USA.
Stranger Factory, Winter Salon, Albuquerque, USA.

2014 Galerie Rotofugi, Chicago, USA.
Stranger Factory, Conjuring Mischief, Albuquerque, USA.
Stranger Factory, Albuquerque, USA.
Cotton Candy Machine Gallery, New York, USA.
Stranger Factory, Bewitching IV, Albuquerque, USA.

2015 Galerie Glénat, Species, Paris, France.
Chateau de Belcastel, Belcastel, France.
Stranger Factory, 5th anniversary, Albuquerque, USA.
Stranger Factory, Creatures Oddyseys, Albuquerque, USA.
Inner States Gallery, Lyrics show 3, Detroit, USA.
AFA Galerie, Pandora's Box, New York, USA.
Stranger Factory, Winter Salon, Albuquerque, USA.

2016 Hikari building - museum level, Monsters & Misfits IV, Tokyo, Japan.
Haven Gallery, Four Season, New York, USA.
Spoke Art Gallery, Suggestivism Resonance, San-Francisco, USA.
Peanut Gallery, Creepy Cute, Adelaïde, Australia.
Gallery Nucleus, Laïka show, Los Angeles, USA.

2017 Galerie Glénat, Oddities, Paris, France.
Stranger Factory, Albuquerque, USA.
Mesa Art Center, Alt Realities, Mesa, USA.
Topic Museum, A journey into the Universe of Art Toys, Tolosa, Spain.
Espace Art et Liberté, Fabuleux Bestiaire, Charenton le Pont, France.

2018 Haven Gallery, Vanitas, New York, USA.
Spoke Art Gallery, Of Fins & Feathers, New York, USA.
Spoke Art Gallery, Suggestivism, New York, USA.
ArtMind Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark.
Stranger Factory, Bewitching, Albuquerque, USA.
Stranger Factory, Winter Salon, Albuquerque, USA.

2019 Galerie Glénat, Seasons, Paris, France.
Haven Gallery, Elements, New York, USA.
Haven Gallery, The Kingdom, New York, USA.
Corey Belford Gallery, Collectors Starter Show, Los Angeles, USA.

2020 Nucieus Gallery, Solo Show, Los Angeles, USA
Galerie Glénat, A Bicyclette, Paris, France

2021 Mazel Galerie, Brussels Art Square, Brussels, Belgium.
Outré Gallery, Vanguard, Melbourne, Australia.
Rencontres du 9ème Art, Zoo Monsters (Solo Show), Aix en Provence, France.
BD Boum, Zoo Monsters (Solo Show), Bois, France.
Haven Galleryn, New Works (Solo show), New York, USA.

2022 Mazel Galerie, Excelsior : Stan Lee's 100th anniversary, Brussels, Belgium.